Tight Girls - real sexy tight clothes girls in spandex, jeans, shorts and mini skirts. You'll see excited nipples, apple butts and cameltoe visible through tight cloth.

Pattern includes full-size pieces and illustrated instructions for chemises, corsets, drawers, several petticoat variations, multiple dress styles with mix-and-match features , night clothing, wrapper, paletot, winter hood, a valise, and even bedding projects. I prefer old t-shirts cut up, no sewing. For the adventuresome beginner to the advanced quilter, these church banner patterns will thrill you!

We did shots with glamour young girls dressed in sexy bikinis. Our girls appear at different places (at home, outside, in the parks, near water, at the beach, etc) in exciting sexy poses in theirs tiny bikinis.
We did shots with glamour young girls dressed in sexy bikinis. Our girls appear at different places (at home, outside, in the parks, near water, at the beach, etc) in exciting sexy poses in theirs tiny bikinis.
We did shots with glamour young girls dressed in sexy bikinis. Our girls appear at different places (at home, outside, in the parks, near water, at the beach, etc) in exciting sexy poses in theirs tiny bikinis.
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Thanks for your help and your amazing books! You really are the only company I know of that has something like this to offer! Catch the Sewing Bug Table of Contents. Table of Contents and Sample Pages. Table of Contents, Sample Pages. Sewing Teacher Resouces Table of Contents. Pattern Pack - Thanksgiving. Pattern Pack - Patriotic. Individual Doll Clothing Patterns. View the Projects in Dolly's Favorite Quilts.

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A complete list of all the books and patterns available! Filled with in depth information covering four great topics. Allow me to help you provide your clients with expert sewing instructions. When I wash them, I use homemade laundry soap, washing soda and a few drops of tea tree oil in the wash and also in the white vinegar rinse.

I use hot water. I have found they do NOT smell! I still buy toilet paper, but this is more for bartering purposes when the SHTF. I may just have to try it with the wipes.

I use the the cloths now exclusively, one and two. But as mentioned, I do have a bidet hose, so while there is f. I know — TMI. I wash them every three weeks. I have no problems using cloth mama pads. I make my own laundry detergent and my sons skin allergies went away too. I line dry when I can and no fabric softner. I wash at least twice a week and you can also rinse and then wash with regular clothes.

I love my mama pads and do not plan on ever going back. One, urine may be sterile, but the skin that is touched when wiping may not be and likely is not. Viruses lurk inside and out. Second, I want to do this, but at most I do laundry in the machine every two weeks. I am not too hyped on the idea of generating more laundry water and electricity not to mention my effort to get to the machines 4 floors below and back up, just to wash family cloth. Why are people so mean? My husband and I are planning to go green and be a little more frugal.

I seen you tried many experiments what else have you tried besides the no toilet paper. I still want someone to explain how you disinfect your hands after handling a contaminated cloth. Bacteria, viruses and parasites cannot be eliminated with wet-wipes or common household cleaners. Also, cross contamination of a washing machine will occur when infected cloths are washed in water below degrees. How do you rationalize saving a few dollars against the risk of gastrointestinal illnesses?

Wash your hands with soap for the time it takes to sing happy birthday twice. You should be doing that anyway. Chlorine is ver toxic to aquatic species, so the also dechlorinate by running the disinfected effluent through a de chlorination basin basically just a concrete basin, like a swimming pool, with baffles in it so the water flows through slowly and the chlorine dissipates like leaving tap water in a pitcher before you put it in your fish tank.

Other ways to disinfect are to use chloramines, ozone, or ultraviolet light. None of those are too practical for home use. This sounds beyond disgusting! Hang the cloth up to dry with fecal matter on it?

You gotta be kidding! What do you think people used to do. Ever heard of using a corn cob? Yes, to wipe your rear end. More environmentally friendly too. None of us have ever had an infection of any sort with cloth because it is FAR more sanitary than wiping with a piece of paper and are by far much cleaner using cloth than we ever were with disposable toilet paper. Hi, I just wanted to say, that I am a single college student and I became interested in family cloth because I think the cost of toilet paper and the amount that is used was way too much.

Sometimes I am wanting to be frugal and save money, other times, I worry about chemicals, and sometimes, the environmental impact. Either way, I have been using cloth wipes for almost 6 months with no regrets.

Also, I wash on hot sometimes with a full load of clothes.. Then I throw them in the dryer. I wish sun bleaching was an option for me, but I live in a small apartment without a balcony. Using cloths and washing them allows for contamination of your hands.

And do you actually believe normal handwashing prevents e-coli transmission? Touching surfaces and preparing food transmits e-coli. Why do cloth users ignore the disease risks medical professionals have known for a century? Are we discussing before leaving the bathroom, or while washing the cloths?

Because I keep my cloths in a small trashcan with a lid and I carry that bin to the washer and toss it right in, without touching the cloths. I work in a hospital. I have come in contact with chicken pox, e. Also, there are more germs in movie theaters, airplanes, public restrooms, and gasp! We have less germs in our feces and urine than our mouths!

The CDC has advocated soap and water over hand sanitizers…. WHY do you keep coming back to this post if you disagree so vehemently? Just to keep hating on those of us who have used them for years without issue? Leave us alone and keep using your TP. Some of us here have also, and some are wanting to try it out to see if it works for them.

One big reason for family cloth no one has mentioned yet: My old house has old pipes that will eventually need replacing.

In the 3rd world we use water and our hands for 1 then water, hands and soap for 2. Of course wash your hands after! The more fortunate has a bidet in their toilet. Saves a ton of money and laundry detergent and bleach to wash your reusable toilet paper.

I understand that science is not generally understood or respected by many Americans. However, it is important to try to offset the ill effects of denying science, climate change, etc. There are two sides to every coin. Definitely not for my wallet! My husband says we need to continue to have kids to outnumber the stupid people in the world. We do consume less as a large family because the use of resources is spread over more people.

It costs the same to fill the van or heat the house regardless of 2 or 6 occupants. We recycle and reuse more things to save money.

Anna, math is fun — and so are compassion and love. Humans are not evil in regards to the planet. We make an impact on this planet in both positive and negative ways — ALL of us, no mater how green we are.

Some leave a larger amount of trash physically and others leave trash via emotions and negativity. Not sure the difference between using cloth diapers and reusable toilet paper. Ever think that she may be going green by not using condoms? I would rather use recycled toilet paper than recycled condoms. Wow the ignorance of people. Clearly her having a large family is non of your business. And if you do the math she said a family of 6 so that would clearly be 4 kids. As if you would know she has a husband because she comments about him.

Unless you are so ignorant that you stopped reading and ran your mouth after seeing how big her family is. We have five children: I do home school my children.

They are getting the best education. We are going to do home colleging as well. Back in the day, before I retired from nursing, we used a vinegar solution to disinfect many things for re-use. I know this is an old post, but is still a popular subject among people trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Vinegar also helps with odors.

I keep a drawstring bag in a covered pail with a vinegar solution. When ready to wash up, I tie up the bag and toss it in the washer, reserving the soiled water, which goes down the toilet. I wash on a long cycle with laundry soap and a vinegar rinse.

That was a younger bunch who got the joys of that, but I have had many patients since I worked in the hospital that came to us after surgery and a hospital stay that did have it. The common factor to all of those cases was hospitalization in a facility that allowed the use of hand sanitizer, instead of old-fashioned soap and water. Soap and friction, and the method and amount of time we washed our hands.

Ever seen a person rub the hand sanitizer on for more than a few seconds? Geez Angela everyone knows you need to have 1 more! Even number of children is the best!!! Keep up the good work that you do! Somebody had to have five children to make up for those who shirk their social obligation and remain childless or have below replacement rate of children.

Who else is going to pay into social security and care for the elderly? Families who want their children and have larger than average numbers of them on purpose them tend to produce people who contribute to the well being of the world. Seriously, I admire your intestinal fortitude ha ha at posting about reusable toilet paper.

Oh screw you and your thinking that childfree people are selfish. YOU are the selfish ones. I choose not to squirt out kids and get bashed for it. Excuse me, sorry to interrupt. Some of us the childless ones would love to have children but are physically unable to have them. Yes, there are those that make the choice to not have children. That is a personal choice. But, what does this have to do with the main subject?

It is a reference sort of like a guide for the rest of us. We need to adjust the amount of family cloth according to our family size. I, personally, like the idea of using family cloth. Now I know what I can do with all my old t-shirts. Look before you leap. I think that there are some people who are commenting that have no good intentions by doing so.

It was after reading this article that my husband and I have also made the decision to switch!!!! We are a family of 6. We also have a cat and a dog. Do you continue to use cloth. Continue to wash with others or do you separate? Thank you for having an awesome website with so many helpful hints and deals. I suppose it depends on your tolerance for that particular fluid.

I might take a few day-a-month break from the cloth if I was still doing using wipes. Mama cloth reusable cloth menstral pads are wonderful! I agree with Kevin, having five children has a huge ecological impact on our planet. How do you reconcile this? You know, for the planet and all.

Her decision to have that many children can be mutually exclusive to wanting to leave a smaller footprint. Maybe having more kids has increased her desire to leave things in a better place than she found them. Yes, this is a question poased oto the blogger. In a Huffington Post interview, the blogger pointed out that her family is trying to go green. What the world needs is more children. But this president wants to take that choice away from families and make them have abortions.

MAKE them have abortions? Oh I cannot believe you are for real. Yikes- so far out there and irrelevant I do t even know where to start. Insane internet posters are insane. Seems completely irrelevant to the blog post. So you, as an upstanding and awesome human being, have a right to place judgement on another based on their family size?

You have no idea how much I hoped I was misreading your comment. How many butt wipes does it take to make up for being a jerk? I know single people who produce twice as much garbage as my family of four. There are some things that are actually easier with larger families: She buys directly from the farmer, reducing shipping from the farmer to a store then to her.

There is less packaging and processing. There are lots of Portlanders complaining about every other week pick up. Our family, with two kids in cloth diapers, uses the smallest bin and still has space. Sewage treatment plants are struggling to keep up with the new craze of flushable wipes and everything else that goes down the toilet. Not only do personal wipes save an individual family money it saves taxpayers money.

If only everyone could be so generous. Its not just about saving money on toilet paper — without the details — you just get much cleaner with a wet cotton wipe than you do with flakey toilet paper. Financially though, with 5 of us here full time we homeschool and work from home we would go through an easy 3 — 4 rolls of TP a week.

I have seen this before and it just seems to be where the frugal lifestyle jumps the shark? I say that because by couponing toilet paper I usually get it from. I always wonder what the offset is in terms of hot water and laundry detergent? And like most people this has a substatial ewwwww factor for me….

I still have two reservations tho. So I do use bleach on the family cloth. Yeah I think bleach is somewhere between a good idea and a must with this. That would subtract some additional savings from the annual total. How to make your own cloth toilet paper and answers to other burning reusable toilet paper questions This post is long overdue, but here are answers to the many, many questions you all had when my family took a day adventure to make our own cloth toilet paper cloth wipes.

A piece of cloth that is used in lieu of toilet paper that can be washed and used again. How do you make reusable wipes? How many wipes do you need? Where do you store the clean wipes? In a drawer next to the toilet In a basket on the toilet tank In a re-purposed baby wipes tub on the toilet tank In a drawstring bag hanging from the toilet paper holder How do you actually use them? Do you use the wipes again or do you wash them between uses? Where do you store the used wipes? Do the stored used wipes stink?

How do you wash the wipes? I was concerned with two things: Do you use fabric softener or a vinegar rinse or bleach? How did you convince your husband to use wipes? Do you make guests use the wipes? Will you be making this change for the long term? Comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Somewhat compelling to me. Not sure how the fam would feel though! I forgot to add this part. I do have a few rolls of toilet paper for visitors. Where can you get powdered hydrogen peroxide? Never heard of it!!! I am interested in this. Continue reading for exactly HOW to handle a soiled cloth. You just wash you hands after handling the cloths? I use these more out of an experiment. And my own curiosity. I like them so far! I like to use baby wipes, and my baby is 18! But they can be expensive too.

Oh my goodness I just died alighting at this. Yes recycled condoms are no good. Stinking iPhone changes everything. I just died laughing. Did you bother to take the time to read her blog? I bet you home school.

Your initial was both rude and obnoxious, this comment is offensive. Oh, I throw away poopy underwear too. Poop underwear goes in the trash.

Do you really want to know the get bra X-ray of Girls clothes or any Girl bra size by finger print scanner? Do you want to scan your cloths with X-RAY? ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers One Size Adjustable Washable Reusable for Baby Girls and Boys 6 Pack with 12 Inserts 6BM Tight Girls - real sexy tight clothes girls in spandex, jeans, shorts and mini skirts. You'll see excited nipples, apple butts and cameltoe visible through tight cloth.