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More Definitions for tops. And of course, no meal from TOPS would be complete without the sides, whether you have a taste for beans, slaw, potato salad, fries or chips. The Tops platform provides us with the high level enterprise surveillance solution that truly rounds out our fixed video surveillance product line and will enable us to develop new opportunities in the lucrative casino gaming, museum, and government security markets.

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Discover the perfect top for your wardrobe. You might be slightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of cute tops that you're looking at - don't be overwhelmed.
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Discover the perfect top for your wardrobe. You might be slightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of cute tops that you're looking at - don't be overwhelmed.

His work is tops. That car is tops. It'll take an hour, tops. First recorded in —35; plural of top 1. Let's go over it from the top again. As a friend, she's the tops. The sun had topped the horizon. King Henry must top the crowd noises in his St. They topped off the evening with a ferryboat ride at midnight. He must have blown his top to make such a fool of himself. Gale winds came on top of the floods.

The success made her feel on top of the world. After a day of hiking and swimming we slept like tops. Related Words for tops lid , head , point , tip , cap , cover , ceiling , roof , face , surface , height , peak , best , climb , finish , beat , exceed , total , eclipse , outstrip.

A number of American railroads took to the system, as did many others around the world. They purchased the system along with source code, as was typical for such a large mainframe-based system in those days and implemented it, assisted by Southern Pacific data processing experts.

The adoption of the TOPS system made for some changes in the way the railway system in Britain worked. Hitherto, locomotives were numbered in three different series. Steam locomotives carried unadorned numbers up to five digits long.

Diesel locomotives carried one to four-digit numbers prefixed with a letter 'D', and electric locomotives with a letter 'E'. Thus, up to three locomotives could carry the same number. TOPS could not handle this, and it also required similar locomotives to be numbered in a consecutive series in terms of classification, in order that they might be treated together as a group. Sequentiality was all that was required, but with the requirement to renumber, it was decided to adopt a logical system for classification, and the five- or six-digit TOPS number was divided into two parts.

No class of locomotive or multiple unit numbered over examples, so the last three digits were used for the individual number between and Although Class 43 goes down to , it being the HST Prototype power Cars in that class. The first two or three digits were used to denote the class of locomotive or multiple unit.

The numbers were often written in two space separated groups, such as "47 " to highlight that division, but the TOPS system actually stored and displayed them without the space: Sub-classifications were indicated in the TOPS system with a slash and a subclass number, e.

However, in some cases, the sequences do not match, e. Locomotives are assigned classes 01— DC electric locomotives were originally allocated classes 70—79 but this was modified in see British Rail locomotive and multiple unit numbering and classification ; the sole relic of this is Class 73 which continues unrenumbered, probably because it can be considered equally a diesel locomotive as it is a DC electric.

And is one way more correct than the others? The story of an imaginary word that managed to sneak past our editors and enter the dictionary. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Words to improve your Scrabble game. Test your vocabulary with our question quiz! Examples of tops in a Sentence Adjective He is tops in his field. You're tops in my book!

Adverb It takes me 15 minutes tops to do the dishes. Recent Examples on the Web: First Known Use of tops Adjective , in the meaning defined above Adverb , in the meaning defined above. History and Etymology for tops Adjective plural of top entry 1.

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