Superboy (also known as Conner Kent and Kon-El,

There's a wireless relay communicator in the cowl. The glove designs that incorporate fingertip blades also have joint armor-reinforcement in the glove, from the wrists and knuckles to the fingers. On the first day of the month , Superboy was assigned to help guard Noor Harjavti at a political rally in Metropolis. Without power, disasters start to happen which Superman has to circumvent.

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In , Blake designed the original Superman costume for Christopher Reeve in Richard Donner’s Boots in glove leather or elastic with small heel. ‘S’ motif in red and gold on breast and.
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The floating glove scene in man of steel proves the fact kryptonian can manipulate gravity. Also, from the main Superman Wiki article: Also, from the main Superman Wiki article.

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Delivery options see all Delivery options. In addition to the suit's continuous evolution, Batman keeps variant costumes for dealing with extraordinary situations; for example, he has been shown in a Scuba variant of his costume, a fireproof version for fighting his enemy Firefly , a thermally insulated version for fighting Mr.

Freeze , as well as others. Many versions of the hero show him swapping his cloth costume for a suit of powered armor. The costume consisted of a domino mask and a cape cut in a manner suggesting wings. According to some stories, Thomas foiled a crime while wearing the suit.

Batman kept it in a glass case similar to the suits of his fallen partners. Hurt has since taken it and worn it as his own, as he claims to be Bruce's father. It was assumed lost when Dr.

Hurt plunged into the Gotham Bay, but he has since resurfaced wearing it. Designed by Bob Kane in , the original rendition of the suit was little more than gray tights covered with black trunks, short gloves, boots and a scalloped cloak that was affixed to his arms.

He wore a bulletproof vest underneath the suit. While battling the first Zebra-Man , Bruce Wayne was accidentally irradiated by the same energy that had irradiated Jake Baker. Without an inhibitor belt, Bruce's diamagnetism powers were out of control, causing Robin to go on without him.

Batman soon took advantage of the diamagnetism, however, and used it to attract Zebra-Man to him and attract both of them to Gotham City Police Department. Famously drawn by the likes of Neal Adams and Jim Aparo, he eventually created a unique fire-retardant and chemical-resistant triple-weave Kevlar thread for the suit.

The material had carbon nanotube fibers that imparted it with a unique sheen and made it heavily resistant to tearing. This material would go into the creation of all following bat-suits and other suits in the Bat Family. The most notable traits of this evolution were the incorporation of the yellow ellipse around the bat emblem as well as the capsule utility belt.

After Bruce Wayne was defeated and crippled by Bane , he nominated Jean-Paul Valley to take up the mantle of Batman while he recovered. This suit debuted in Batman , designed by Joe Quesada and Aparo. A martial art garb designed around the totem of the bat. While retraining his body after having his back restored by a mutant with healing powers and then going through physical therapy Bruce Wayne was given the Mask of Tengu by Lady Shiva as a substitute Bat-Uniform during the final stages of his retraining, before this, he wore a standard ninja outfit with a hood.

Since his creation, Batman had worn trunks outside of his pants, a style shared by many superheroes introduced in the s and s. This was partly because initial superhero costumes of the time were inspired by circus outfits. The blue was replaced by black and coal gray colors. The bodysuit was now all one piece, with no visible division between boots and gloves, spikes were added to the boots in a style similar to the gloves and the shorts were completely gone.

While the boots and gloves would change back to being separate from the body suit after the "Troika" storyline, the absence of the trunks would continue for a few years before returning. After suffering through two plague outbreaks and a horrible earthquake, what remained of Gotham City was eventually cut off from the rest of the United States and forced to fend for itself. In , following the No Man's Land event, Bruce opted to return to the color scheme and logo design of the original batsuit, most notably shown with the removal of the yellow oval from the bat emblem after a year run and is replaced with a new larger bat-emblem.

Created in during the Crusades, the Suit of Sorrows was bestowed upon Batman by Talia al Ghul as a gift, and although it made him significantly stronger and faster, he was forced to stop using it when he began to believe it was somehow corrupting him and making him more violent.

However, Batman was unable to bring himself to destroy the artifact and instead chose to store it on display in the Batcave. This batsuit is the batsuit of a parallel universe Batman made up of a purple cape, gloves, mask and boots, a red shirt and red pair of pants, a yellow belt, and yellow sleeves. Thought to be the cowl worn by Bruce Wayne when he was "killed" in a confrontation with Darkseid during the Final Crisis.

Bruce Wayne's last batsuit actually refers to two suits; one worn by Bruce as he was thrown through time by Darkseid's Omega Sanction and one worn by the corpse of a Bruce Wayne clone that Darkseid had the Earth's population believe was Bruce. The cape and cowl of the suits are prominently displayed as Bruce Wayne's spiritual presence in proceedings after the Final Crisis. With the cape and cowl of the clone being displayed alongside the other batsuits as a memorial that Richard Grayson would constantly return to and ultimately forge his own decision to become the new Batman, while the cape and cowl of Bruce misplaced in time would become a holy relic of the Miagani Tribe from the prehistoric era onwards, enshrined in the caverns that would eventually become the Batcave.

Following Bruce's seeming death at the hands of Darkseid, Dick Grayson reluctantly took up the mantle despite instructions Bruce left for him not to do so. Grayson made some modifications to the Batsuit to better suit his combat style.

Having always hated capes, the first thing he disposed of when creating his Nightwing identity, he has substantially reduced its weight, presumably sacrificing the semi-established bullet- and fire-proof nature.

A further modification was made, making it what Grayson calls a "paracape" acting like a parachute and able to slow down a rapid descent. The other noticeable change is made to the utility belt, which now sports a bat-shaped belt buckle and has mechanical compartments, as opposed to the fabric pouches Bruce had last been seen using.

Returning from being sent back in time thanks to Darkseid, Bruce Wayne allows Richard Grayson to keep the mantle as the Batman of Gotham City while Bruce donned a new suit as part of his plan to take the team and mission global.

Batsuit Television Series The Batman television series of the s featured a blue-purple and gray version of the batsuit with a noticeably shorter cape and tiny ears. There were also white eyebrows painted on the cowl.

In keeping with the campy nature of the series, the devices on the utility belt were often used as gags, with one of the most bizarre items being a thermos for storing alphabet soup. In one episode, Bruce Wayne carried two capsules that when dropped in a glass of water became full-sized costumes for Batman and Robin, complete with utility belts.

The cape, cowl, gloves, briefs, and boots are dark blue, as indicated by the highlight. Occasionally the cape and cowl are also shown to be one piece and when he's not fighting, the cape sometimes resembles a cloak, draped over Batman's body.

The costume lacks any armor qualities, instead of being merely a bodysuit with no apparent special features and it often becomes torn in serious fights. The doctor he speaks with states that she should be released within a few days; they can't explain why she's pale white with electric blue hair, or even how she was relatively unscathed.

Outside the hospital, Superman is confronted by the press for his failure to save Leslie, some even believing that he allowed this to happen as payback for the things she said about him. Offended, Superman says that he did everything he could to save her and leaves. Inside the hospital, Leslie watches the interview and also believes that Superman didn't save her on purpose. However, she soon finds her ability to generate and control electricity.

She quickly takes a liking to her new powers. She escapes from the hospital through the building's wiring and starts wreaking havoc on the city.

Superman confronts her but she creates a costume from ionized air and renames herself Livewire. After striking Superman she takes away all power from the city.

Shortly later, Livewire restores some power to the city so that she can broadcast a message to Metropolis. With all the power under her complete control, she wants to be paid to release the electricity that the city needs. Without power, disasters start to happen which Superman has to circumvent. However, Livewire's broadcast soon ends and power is restored to the city.

Superman realizes that Livewire is out of power and must recharge. Later, people call in to a radio show and claim that Leslie was a bad person to begin with, while others state that her show will be missed for mixing things up, and suspicion on Superman has been averted. Lex Luthor has provided the funds for her care, and she is placed in a specialized machine preventing her from using her powers. What's the deal with you and Superman, huh? What are you talking about?

Come on, you're always getting exclusives with him. Just how exclusive are you two? Clark Kent clears his throat nervously.

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